Tuesday 1 March 2011

a quick post

It's a quick post tonight, i was going to post last night, but the West Brom match was on. I have been given a lovely blog award, by Carol over at Carol's Crafty Corner. She has fab cards, so go check out her website. Thank you Carol. There are some rules that go with award.

Share 7 things about myself

1. I'm a big West Brom fan and go to match's when i get chance (and money)
2. I have lost 2 and half stone since Sept, and i have another stone and half to go to hit my target.
3. I'm a secret Jonathan Ross fan
4. My iphone is never far from my hand.
5. I'm a huge Glee fan.
6. I'm reading Stephen fry's book at the moment
7. I'm a really bad at keeping my craft room tidy

The second part i will come back to you, i have to give the award to 15 blog's i have recently discovered.

Thanks again Carol

missyb x

1 comment:

ChirsB said...

I can confirm no.7 is most definetely true =)