Monday 23 November 2009

The craft market

This weekend was my craft show at the Red cone's craft market, and i had a great time. I meet lots of lovely people (fellow crafters and buyers). and i would like to thank you all for coming to see me. i am hoping to do more dates next year, but i will have to wait and see. P.S if any body reads the Express and star evening paper i am in there on page 5 of tonight's paper.

Friday 20 November 2009

one day to go !

I can believe that it's finally here, my craft show at the red cone, is tomorrow, with all my preparation i still don't feel ready, i have lots of cards, bookmarks, books, tags and even tea tree holders that i have decorated. so please wish me luck and i hope to see you there. if you come, come over and say hello. here are a couple of things i have made this week.

Sunday 8 November 2009

2 weeks to go

i have had a great weekend, Friday i went to the NEC craft show and spent a lot of money, (all on things i needed of course) i had a really good time, and found lots of things to inspire me for my craft show in two weeks, i took my mom, who brought a lot of things for jewellery making and my dad and hubby who carried our bags and who i sent off to find things that i had seen but couldn't remember which stall they were on. So full of inspiration i have made lots more cards to the 109 that i have all ready made, here are some of my cards and there are a lot more on the Docrafts website, there is a link below. hope you like them.

Monday 2 November 2009

3 Weeks to go

only 3 weeks to go to the craft market, I'm off to the NEC craft show this weekend and hoping to get some more ideas, I'm taking my mom who is in to making jewellery at the moment, my dad and hubby who are there to carry the bags. here are a couple of my Christmas cards.